1.Precaution concerning the use of investor relations information

Investor relations information is included in this website for the purpose of providing financial information, performance indicators and other information about U-NEXT Holdings, which makes no guarantee or other assurance concerning this information.
Information on this website is not provided for the purpose of soliciting investments. Investors are urged not to rely solely on the information in this website when making investment decisions, which are the responsibility of individual investors.

2.Precaution concerning the use of information in this website

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3.Forward-looking statements

Some information in this website includes statements about future results of operations.
These statements are not guarantees concerning the performance of U-NEXT Holdings in the future and incorporate risk factors and other uncertainties. Actual results of operations in the future may differ from these forward-looking statements due to a change in the business climate or many other reasons.

4.Operation of this website

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Individuals may be unable to properly use this website due to their Internet connection, computers or some other reason. U-NEXT Holdings is not responsible for any damages, losses or other problems caused by difficulties involving the use of this website.